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Imagine this.

Does this sound like the dream for your therapy practice?

You have a consistent stream of new client leads. Eventually, you have a waitlist—meaning you never have to worry about getting new clients again. As your waitlist grows, your services are so in demand that you can raise your prices. You get to the point where you're making more, working less, and working with exactly who you want to.

This exact scenario is possible with SEO. I've seen it with my clients!

Beautiful Pages

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Introducing Optimize Your PRactice

Learn SEO and optimize your practice.

In my group consulting program, you'll learn SEO from a specialist niched in the therapy industry. You will...

Identify keywords that will bring in your ideal clients.
Write content that Google loves and can't help but rank on page one.
Optimize your Google My Business listing to bring in clients from local searches.
Understand link building strategies that help you get to the top of page one.
Diagnose technical issues on your website that are holding you back from ranking on Google.

All in one eight week program.

About me

Hi, I'm Kristie.

I'm a search engine optimization specialist with nearly six years of experience in digital marketing. I've held many different titles during my time in the industry, like content manager, marketing associate, website production manager... but founder suits me best :)

I founded TherapieSEO, a digital marketing agency for therapists, to serve a population close to my heart: therapists. It's my mission to educate privately practicing therapists about SEO so they can reach more people looking for help online. SEO doesn't have to be complicated.

I'm here to show you how.

The deets

Here's what you get.

Direct access to an industry expert. Me!
Support from an Optimize Your Practice alum. You'll get check-ins and support from our Community Manager Ashley Hudson.
A video-based online course. Maximize your learning with of bite-sized trainings and tutorials (and you keep access after the course ends!).
→ Templates. These are templates that I actually use with my SEO clients.
→ Homework. The good kind! You'll get a bullet-point list of work to accomplish between modules.
→ Slack group. Get all of your questions about the course content answered in my Slack group.
→ FAQ calls. For everything that can't be answered on Slack, I'll explain during live FAQ calls. All calls are recorded, so if you can't make it or want to listen again, no worries!
→ A workbook. For everything that can't be answered on Slack, I'll explain during live FAQ calls. All calls are recorded, so if you can't make it or want to listen again, no worries!
→ Everything in my online shop. There are a ton of amazing resources, PLUS you get access to my local SEO course Google My Business Bootcamp!

Course content

Here's a peek inside the program.

SEO For Therapists

Sit back and watch your waitlist grow with  SEO for therapists. I'll handle everything from writing content to managing your Google My Business to grow your online presence. Invest once and reap the rewards for years to come.

SEO for Coaches

In 2019, the coaching industry was estimated to be worth $7.5 billion in the United States. If you're tired of relying on Instagram to grow your coaching practice, my SEO strategies specifically for coaches is perfect for you.

SEO for Content Creators

Do you dream about passive income? Harness the power of SEO on Google and Pinterest to bring in clients that are looking for courses and product from a mental health and wellness professional like you.


Consulting is perfect for DIY therapists who want to do marketing on their own but need guidance and tailored strategies. During my consulting sessions, I show you exactly what to do and offer hands-on support.


Affordably learn SEO from me with my online, video-based course. You'll gain access to lessons, tutorials, templates, and forum-based FAQs for answers to all your burning SEO questions.

On Demand Support

Need support on your own schedule? You can message directly with me for a low, flat monthly fee. I'll personally respond to your questions, and you'll benefit from other members' questions too.


It all starts with keywords. I'll teach you how to find keywords that your ideal clients are using to find a therapist just like you.

Content SEO

In my experience, good content is a game changer. I'll show you exactly how I write content that ranks on page one.

Local SEO

Optimizing your presence on Google My Business is a quick way to get new clients. I'll teach you my top strategies.

Link Building

To rank on Google, it's crucial to build the authority of your domain. We do that by building niched links to your website.

Technical SEO

Your site has to be up to par to perform on Google. We'll check your site speed, if there are errors, and more.


SEO requires upkeep. I'll provide you with a strategy going forward so you can keep climbing the ranks of Google.

who this program is for

Optimize Your Practice is perfect for you if...

You know that SEO is important for your private practice, but you don't know where to start.
You are a motivated therapist who desires success and will put in the effort to get there.
You are tired of reading random articles online to learn SEO and are ready to be taught by a specialist.
You want to affordably learn SEO.

Online course with 1.6 hours of video content, 27 lessons, 20 resources, templates, and tools, access to my virtual course Google My Business Bootcamp, a private Slack group, personal check-ins from a Community Manager, and weekly video calls for all your questions. Combined with my hourly consulting fee, this is worth over $4,600.


Get a return on your investment by signing just one client with SEO.


Three month payment plan available!

$1,900 for the waitlist
Lifetime access to trainings, tutorials, and templates (including updated material!)
Live FAQ calls
Option to join alumni group after the course ends for ongoing support and accountability

Kind words from clients

I am honored to have worked with many incredible therapists and coaches in Optimize Your Practice. You can scroll through more about their experiences with me below.

"Working with Kristie was a dream! She is an SEO expert, and she translated her knowledge into easy to understand and execute action items. I have increased my call rate by 50% per month as a result of working with her!"
Samantha Osborne
Founder, Samantha Osborne Therapy
"Kristie explained SEO in a way that was easy to understand, especially for someone with zero SEO experience. She gave a step-by-step approach that felt doable and even helped me see results within a few weeks!"
Amy Nasamran
Founder, Atlas Psychology Collective
"Kristie's passion, kindness, true expertise, and skillful teaching gave me the confidence to learn SEO marketing tools I never would have imagined managing myself. Shortly after taking the course, the practice was bursting with new clients, and I now carry a new confidence and enjoyment in driving my own marketing efforts with the skills she taught me."
Sophie Wolfe
Founder, Rooted Rhythm
"This program helped me learn so much about SEO! I was able to implement my new skills onto my website and I was on page one of google for Asian American therapists in OC after just a few days after implementation!"
Christine Luu
Founder, Christine Luu Therapy
"As a therapist, SEO is something I knew very little about until I found Kristie. Kristie has made the ins and outs of SEO so much more accessible, easy to understand, and approachable. And to top it all off she's super warm, kind, and genuine. I would definitely recommend her!"
Emily Pellegrino
Founder, Emily Pellegrino Therapy
"Kristie has helped me so much in understanding SEO. As a therapist this is far removed from my knowledge and she delivers it in a kind, easy to digest way. Would recommend her services to anyone needing SEO help."
Justin Martin
Founder, Parts of Me Therapy
"Kristie is amazing with SEO for therapists! There's no need to spend time explaining what's expected of therapists in the mental health world, she is already prepared and well informed of what's needed for marketing specifically for therapists. I'm lucky I found her and it's a pleasure working together!"
Julie Goldberg
Founder, Third Nature Therapy
"Kristie is amazing! She makes things easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to see success. I came into this knowing nothing about SEO and left feeling much more confident in my abilities to boost my site's performance."
Wrenn Skidmore
Founder, Wrenn Skidmore Therapy
"Kristie designed my website and guided me through all things SEO! She was easy to work with, laid back, and very knowledgeable.  Without her services I would still be caught in the endless cycle of trial and error, wasting money, and stressing myself out! She is definitely worth the investment!"
Emily Wanstrath
Founder, Wanstrath Therapy

Frequently asked questions.

Why should I invest in SEO?

What if you could be on page one of Psychology Today every time someone searches for a therapist like you? That would be pretty amazing, right? THAT is what SEO can do for you. Ranking on Google is always being on page one of the ultimate directory. With constant exposure on Google comes a waitlist, which can lead to increased pricing, which can lead to more time with your family... you get the drift :)

Will I need to do SEO after the program?

Yes, but a lot less SEO than you did during the program! During the last week, I'll send you off with a low maintenance SEO strategy to build on what you learned during the program.

How long until I see results with SEO?

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. The pay off is huge, but it takes time to make progress on Google. If you are in dire need of clients, I recommend Google Ads. If you'd like a referral for Google Ads, reach out!

Do I get support after the program ends?

You are welcome to stay in the Slack group after the program ends for continued support.

Am I guaranteed to get clients?

Since I don't work at Google, I can't guarantee anything, but all of my clients have received clients from Google! Plus, YOU will be doing the SEO--your success depends on your commitment to SEO and putting in the work.

How will I know if we're successful?

I think that our work together is successful if you are signing more clients from Google and your organic traffic is continually increasing.

Are you ready to rank on Google?

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