Get a waiting list and raise your prices with SEO.

In my group consulting program Optimize Your Practice, learn from an industry expert, apply what you've learned to your website, and workshop with your peers to bring in a stream of consistent and qualified client leads with SEO.

imagine this.

Does this sound like the dream for your therapy practice?

  • You have a consistent stream of new client leads.
  • Eventually, you have a waitlist—meaning you never have to worry about getting new clients again.
  • As your waitlist grows, your services are so in demand that you can raise your prices.
  • You get to the point where you're making more, working less, and working with exactly who you want to.

This exact scenario is possible with SEO. I've seen it with my clients!

Learn seo and optimize your practice.

In my group consulting program, you'll learn SEO from a specialist niched in the therapy industry.

You will...

  • Identify keywords that will bring in your ideal clients.
  • Write content that Google loves and can't help but rank on page one.
  • Optimize your Google My Business listing to bring in clients from local searches.
  • Understand link building strategies that help you get to the top of page one.
  • Diagnose technical issues on your website that are holding you back from ranking on Google.

All in one six week program.

Hi, I'm Kristie.

I'm a search engine optimization specialist with nearly six years of experience in digital marketing. I've held many different titles during my time in the industry, like content manager, marketing associate, website production manager... but founder suits me best :)

I founded TherapieSEO, a digital marketing agency for therapists, to serve a population close to my heart: therapists. It's my mission to educate privately practicing therapists about SEO so they can reach more people looking for help online.

SEO doesn't have to be complicated. I'm here to show you how.

Optimize your practice

by the numbers

industry expert

Meet with me once per week for six weeks filled with comprehensive tutorials and Q&A about your SEO.


During ninety-minute sessions, we'll go over program materials and the specifics of your practice and website.


Collaborate with five other therapists on everything we cover during sessions.

facebook group

In our private Facebook group, you can keep in touch with your group, meet other Optimize Your Practice members, ask questions, and get access to articles and other useful resources that I share throughout the week.


  • Recordings of our sessions.
  • Templates that I use for my clients.
  • A bullet point list of homework to complete between sessions.

Optimize Your Practice is perfect for you if...

You know that SEO is important for your private practice, but you don't know where to start.

You are a motivated therapist who desires success and will put in the effort to get there.

You are tired of reading random articles online to learn SEO and are ready to be taught by a specialist.

You want to affordably learn SEO.

A sneak peak into the program...


It all starts with keywords. I'll teach you how to find keywords that your ideal clients are using to find a therapist just like you.

content seo

In my experience, good content is a game changer. I'll show you exactly how I write content that ranks on page one.

local SEO

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is a quick way to get new clients. I'll tell you my top strategies.

link building

To rank on Google, it's crucial to build the authority of your domain. We do that by building niched links to your website.

technical sEO

Your site has to be up to par to perform on Google. We'll check your site speed, if there are errors, and more.


SEO requires upkeep. I'll provide you with a strategy going forward so you can keep climbing the ranks of Google.

The results?

✓ A fully optimized website and content.

✓ A comprehensive understanding of SEO.

✓ An SEO strategy going forward.

Justin Martin, M.A, RMHI

Kristie has helped me so much in understanding SEO. As a therapist this is far removed from my knowledge and she delivers it in a kind, easy to digest way. Would recommend her services to anyone needing SEO help.


Kristie is amazing with SEO for therapists! There's no need to spend time explaining what's expected of therapists in the mental health world, she is already prepared and well informed of what's needed for marketing specifically for therapists. I'm lucky I found her and it's a pleasure working together!

Emily Wanstrath, LISW-S

Kristie guided me through all things SEO! She was easy to work with, laid back, and very knowledgeable.  Without her services I would still be caught in the endless cycle of trial and error, wasting money, and stressing myself out! She is definitely worth the investment!

Emily Pellegrino, M.a.

As a therapist, SEO is something I knew very little about until I found Kristie. Kristie has made the ins and outs of SEO so much more accessible, easy to understand, and approachable. And to top it all off she's super warm, kind, and genuine. I would definitely recommend her!

Samantha Osborne, M.S.

Working with Kristie was a dream! She is an SEO expert, and she translated her knowledge into easy to understand and execute action items. I have increased my call rate by 50% per month as a result of working with her!


beta group special!


You get a return on your investment if you sign just one new client with SEO.

Are you ready to apply?

There are only six spots available for January 2021.

get clients with SEO


Will I be doing SEO during sessions?

I conduct sessions in a workshop-style, but I recommend being present during our sessions to get the most out of them. Definitely take notes, and remember that sessions are recorded.

Will I still need to do SEO after the program?

I recommend continuing to optimize your website after the program ends. After you learn SEO, you'll be able to accomplish way more in way less time and have a better idea of what you'll need to do in the future. Plus, in the last session, I'll give you an SEO strategy for after the program ends!

What is the application process like?

I review all applicants to see if they are ready for the commitment and SEO. Program fit is crucial! I'll let you know by the end of November 2020. If you are accepted, you are required to submit a $100 down payment. This down payment is non-refundable, but it will be applied to the cost of the program. If spots aren't available, there will be an option to be added to a waitlist.

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